David Schmidtz

David Schmitdz

David Schmidtz is Kendrick Professor at the University of Arizona. He teaches in Philosophy and in Economics and holds a courtesy appointment in the McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship at Eller College of Management.  He is editor of Social Philosophy & Policy and is the Freedom Center's founding director. Dave also was named National Phi Beta Kappa Scholar in Philosophy for 2014-15. 

Dave was honored as a graduate mentor in 2013.  His students have published articles in Journal of Philosophy and Ethics. Oxford, Cambridge, and Princeton University Presses have published their books. 

After graduating from Arizona in 1988, he spent the next three years at Yale as Assistant Professor, then three more as Associate Professor. Along the way, he enjoyed a year at Chapel Hill as a Yale Morse Fellow, another year at Kansas State while on Yale sabbatical, and three semesters in Bowling Green with Philosophy and the Social Philosophy and Policy Center. He returned to UA in 1995. 


Dave taught first year property at Florida State College of Law in fall 2007.  Click for introductory material on some philosophical issues in the law of PROPERTY. Click for introductory material on philosophical approaches to ETHICS, VALUE theory, or theorizing about JUSTICE.



Rational Choice & Moral Agency 2015

Revisions and reflections, twenty years after the original publication.


The Elements of Justice

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Person, Polis, Planet

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